Color must be respected, but never feared. Surprisingly, many designers do in fact fear it. And why? Because color is bold, outlandish, and impossible to hide. It is a reflection of the insecurities of the designer himself. And because of this reality, many designers will escape to subtle hues, black and white vagueness, and non-declarative tones.

However, color is a powerful force. This should not be ignored. Color should be embraced as an important tool in a designer’s set.

Responsibly applied color can be very informative and effective in conveying various emotions. A single dab of red, for example, can convey passion, violence, anger, or excitement far beyond what extraneous words or images ever could. A solid black background can be far deeper and more contemplative than a poem or long-winded copy.

In the ongoing quest towards simplicity and efficient design, a designer must properly employ drastic usage of color wherever appropriate. This must be done boldly and without fear.