I am proud to say that my new book, “On Design”, has hit the shelves and can be found most notably on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and elsewhere. The book focuses on guiding principles and business aspects to graphic design. I have no doubt that the book is imperfect at times, but overall I am happy with it and would gladly recommend it to fellow designers and students.

This is a common occurrence in my career. Personal projects and various endeavors in which I retain much or all of the control creatively are enormously satisfying and have yielded a great many things in terms of recognition and awards. I have made great leaps forward in my professional growth and have fostered a great many connections in my industry because of these types of things.

Therefore, I wholeheartedly implore designers to always be working on personal projects. It could be a book, a painting, a series of photographs, or a movie. Whatever satisfies that nagging urge in all of our hearts to spread our wings and do something fantastic should absolutely be accomplished. In it, a designer will learn a great deal, create his best work in many cases, and get one step closer to achieving a sense of who he is and what his style is.

With this in mind, I recommend going online, finding available competitions or various suggested ideas, and begin brainstorming.