Sadly, this weekend we lost an important friend to cancer. Nancy Rose Williams, an amazing person, chef, and founder of Nancy Rose Health & Wellness, passed away after a long struggle with her disease.

I believe certain subjects cannot be encapsulated in social media posts and website blogs. Death is a particularly personal thing that we feel in our hearts. But I cannot allow Nancy’s passing to go without reflecting here on who she was and what she meant to so many people.

Nancy was one of those people who approached her life with gusto and optimism. The type of person that inspired you to be equally as dedicated, cheerful, and caring. Our work together was a true pleasure, with business discussions often turning into lengthy chats about life, family, and the world at large.

She was also someone who embraced life fully. When she decided on a career shift, she did it full-steam. When she wanted to learn a new culinary technique, she studied it to the letter. From summer sessions in Italy to dedicated classes on cooking with fungi, Nancy set out to do something with her full enthusiasm.

Professionally, I greatly enjoyed our work together. She appreciated my graphic style, provided important tweaks as necessary, and our teamwork brought about beautiful results to her business.

I could write at length about the quality of character that Nancy had. But for now, I’ll leave it here. It was – and is – an honor to call her a friend. I will value her wisdom, think fondly of her kindness, and will miss her amazing food. We are honoring and celebrating Nancy today and for many days to come.

– Justin Negard, Future Boy Design