If one is creative; if one is creative – then one must be creative always. There is no excuse and no other path. Whether it is divine endowment or genetic predispositions, a creative person owes it to himself and society to contribute those talents to the best of his ability.

This means working early and working late. It means carrying a camera or sketchpad at all times, even if others are not burdened with these tools. It means constantly viewing the world through the filter of an artist, seeing things that others might not be seeing, and taking action. It means dedicating one’s self to his work, regardless of money or accolades. Awards are nice and clients can be fantastic, but at the end of the story only one’s creativity and work will matter. Nothing else.

One must use every drop of energy that is granted to him each and every day. One must expend all of his resources making great things. Doing this will not only fulfill his obligation to humanity but will make him far better than he ever thought possible. His rate of progress will be phenomenal and he will be edging ever closer to attaining the apex of his potential. This is the ultimate goal of life.