There are quiet days and there are busy ones. Certainly (and hopefully) there are far more busy days than quiet days, but a quiet day is unavoidable. For me, this is a challenge.

I don’t particularly enjoy quiet days or any sort of free time. I prefer to be moving, taking care of projects, and staying occupied always. Not doing these things leaves me feeling unsettled and uncomfortable.¬†However, every so often a day like today comes along in which personal obligations force¬†me to cease work for a brief period of time.

In these moments, I have learned not to fight it. I sit back, tell myself that work cannot be done for these brief moments, and I relax. I remind myself that a storm is just over the horizon that will occupy every waking minute in my schedule. Things always even out.

The beauty of not working is that it forces a person to think. We all need times to zone out, relax with our professional obligations, and simply ponder. It is in these moments that many of the answers and clarity will come to us.

Don’t fight the calm. It might be universe’s way of imposing a much needed rest on you before the swell arrives. Be at peace. Be ready.