Justin Negard

I am a designer and photographer. What does that mean? I brand businesses, create logos and posters and business cards and marketing materials. I build websites, photograph events and people and products. I take a business from its inception and turn it into a powerful brand that will be ready for success.

I take my work seriously. Afterall, design matters. It can change the world. I go into every project with a passion to learn about that business or subject, and to create something timeless and beautiful at completion. Money is nice, but doing great work is more important.



I am a two-time winner of the International Design Awards, a two-time winner with American Photography, a Best of Westchester winner, as well as a winner or nominee of several other proud and flattering design and photography acknowledgments.

My work has been featured on Bloomberg TV, South By Southwest (SXSW), Edible Magazine, Westchester Magazine, Refinery 29, the Art Director’s Club, the AIGA, and lots of other cool and interesting places.

Some History and Great Clients

I created Future Boy Design many years ago with a clunky old computer, an overused camera, and a stack of business cards. Back then, I was living in Los Angeles, having moved out there from my home in New York. I knew two things at that time: I loved design and I wanted to call my own shots.

At the start, I would walk each and every street of L.A. One week it was Santa Monica, the next it was Westwood or Hollywood or Culver City. After several months, most businesses in Southern California had seen my face. I didn’t make a fortune but I did pay the rent. I was happy.

Eventually, I returned to New York. My business continued to grow, my skills evolved, my reputation improved and expanded, and I connected with more exciting clients. Before long, I had done everything from working with the National Parks Service to helping give presentations at South By Southwest to photographing Liza Minelli.

Today, I am fortunate to be in an exciting place in my career as a speaker, author, and practicing designer, photographer, and creative director. I am doing work that I truly love and believe in. Most importantly, I am looking forward with excitement at what the future will bring.


What’s in a Name?

I’m often asked, “Where did you think up Future Boy Design?” Well, as much as I would love to wax poetic about the human condition, the real credit behind this silly nickname belongs to the Robert Zemeckis classic, Back to the Future. It was a phrase from my favorite childhood film that always stuck with me. Somewhere around junior high, I decided that it would be a great name for a business. And here we are.

Silly as the name may be, I am proud of it. I believe that, not only do we need to set our sights always to the future, but we must do so with a reverence to the past; that creating great work involves the reconciliation of our childhood dreams with our adulthood obligations. It is with this sense of wonder that great work can emerge.