Name: Sierra Cycles
Location: Hartsdale, New York
Design: Website, Graphics, & Photography


Sierra Cycles is the real deal. Led by South American Downhill biking champ Francisco Sierra, this Hartsdale bike shop delivers an unmatched bike experience. Whether you are buying a shiny, spanking new model or fixing up the old classic, Francisco and his crew make sure you will get the most out of your two-wheeled devil. Why do we at Future Boy like them so much? Because these guys are doing what they love and truly believe in it. Just see for yourself.

Sierra Cycles - Logo

Sierra Cycles 2013 Commercial from Karlon Cromwell on Vimeo.

The website had to capture that love for biking that the Sierra team brings to their customers every day. We had to make it fun, we had to show off the latest and greatest models, and we had to emphasize that this was a place for pros and casual riders alike.

Once we accomplished those elements, we linked it up with the whole community. We connected the shop to all the social media and assembled a one-stop spot for all biking questions. This included bike repairs, price guides, local trails, bike clubs, and every little detail that the passionate biker would want to know about. In this way, we succeeded in making Sierra Cycles a valuable hub for the entire community.