Name: Vintage Cinemas
Location: Los Angeles & San Diego, California
Design: Website, Graphics, Marketing Materials, & Photography


Good things come to those who are patient. We interviewed many Web Designers and there was always something “Almost” about them all. The Futureboy team was able to create the Atmosphere the others were not. The personal, intimate and detailed touch extended to us by Futureboy in the creation of our site translates to our users.
– Lance Alspaugh, Vintage Cinemas

Vintage Cinemas is a movie theater company specializing in renovations of some of the most classic auditoriums in America. Famous already for their spectacular renovation of The Vista Theatre in Hollywood, their goal is to bring back the magic of the golden age of cinema. Go to any Vintage Cinemas location and you’ll know it right away. With flowing curtains, gorgeous wall artwork, and every sign and doorway done in the Art Deco style, Vintage does an incredible job at making the movie experience truly memorable for every patron.

Their passion for detail within the theater translated equally strong with their website preferences. Vintage Cinemas boss Lance Alspaugh went through several meetings with designers before meeting Future Boy Productions. Nobody up to that point felt right. They didn’t seem to have the synergy and understanding about what Lance wanted from his marketing and website style. They didn’t seem to get it. Luckily, the creative vision between Vintage and Future Boy was instantly strong.

From the beginning, our model was clear. We wanted to bring the theatergoers into the theater right from their computer screens. We wanted to play to the Vintage Cinemas strength of style, quality, and attention to detail. It was imperative that people see the architectural brilliance that goes into every single Vintage location, and highlight exactly what sets apart the Vintage experience from your standard cookie cutter movie houses.

The scope of the project was large, covering three websites within one hub site. It required extensive photography, concept art, and great research and detail. In the end, Vintage Cinemas loved the results. We at Future Boy are proud to stand by the geniuses at Vintage Cinemas and the breathtaking work they do throughout California.