Local, Chappaqua

Name: Local Location: Chappaqua, New York Design: Website Design, Photography, and Graphic Design Local. The name says it all. Locally grown ingredients, locally minded, organic, fresh, the works. This is the good stuff. It was our pleasure to work with the Local people. Their vision and sense of style was evident from the beginning. They [...]

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Y Design Event Decor

Name: Y Design Location: Pleasantville, New York Design: Website Design, Photography, Graphic Design Y Design is all about beauty. From the tremendous floral arrangements to the jaw-dropping wedding decor, these guys are pure magic. They design the lighting, furniture, and every single detail of large-scale events. We're talking about corporate events with GE, flowers for [...]

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Giovanni Rana Pasta

Name: Giovanni Rana Location: Verona, Italy & Chicago, Illinois Design: Ad Design, Copy Writing, and Food Photography Giovanni Rana is a hugely successful pasta company from Verona, Italy. Their marketing strategy was to invite people into an Italian kitchen. Since their products are completely fresh, it was easy for the customer to get the message. [...]

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Believe Beauty Lounge

Name: Believe Beauty Lounge Location: Pleasantville, New York Design: Website Design, Photography, and Graphic Design The Believe Beauty Lounge is an absolutely gorgeous salon in Westchester County, New York. It is more than a place to get one's hair styled, it's an entire experience. The staff's skills are unmatched, their attentiveness and style is incredible, [...]

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Name: Kicknetics Location: White Plains & The Bronx, New York Design: Website, Graphics, Product & Modeling Photography Kicknetics is a rocket ship ready to launch. With multiple shops located in the New York City area, Kicknetics specializes in street wear, art, and the all-around urban lifestyle. They offer the latest and greatest in shoes, from [...]

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Rex Goliath


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Choose Wisely

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