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Future Boy Design’s own Justin Negard just finished publishing his – and Future Boy Design’s – first book. Bogota is a colorful and exciting trip through the beautiful Colombian capital city. The book features breathtaking shots, ranging from underground churches to downtown street shots to even Lucha Libre wrestling matches.


In Memory of Nancy Rose

Sadly, this weekend we lost an important friend to cancer. Nancy Rose Williams, an amazing person, chef, and founder of Nancy Rose Health & Wellness, passed away after a long struggle with her disease. I [...]

Justin Negard, Daily Voice Interview

The Daily Voice Chappaqua Designer Traveled Unusual Road To Build Award-Winning Business by Tom Renner CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. -- Justin Negard discovered business success is part inspiration, part perspiration. He used a lot of each [...]

Colombia, 2016: Form & Color

In August, I had the great pleasure of returning to Colombia, a country I have come to know quite well over the last several years. This country has captivated and inspired me. It is a [...]

Future Boy Design in #Colombia

Here are a few concept images for my recent August trip to Colombia. Enjoy.

“On Design” is Now Available

After a great deal of work, I am happy to announce that "On Design" is available to purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and elsewhere. This book caters especially to designers and students, with the intention [...]

“Don’t Vote”, AIGA

Should everybody vote? It’s an interesting question. Inherently, we would say ‘yes’. After all, voting is a right that we should all exercise. But I would postulate that it is far more important to become [...]

NYBG: Spring & Orchids

September 26th, 2021|Comments Off on NYBG: Spring & Orchids

NYBG: Form & Texture

September 25th, 2021|Comments Off on NYBG: Form & Texture


NYBG: Spring & Orchids

NYBG: Form & Texture

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