On Design

A Guidebook for Designers on the Principles and Business of Graphic Design

by Justin Negard

After a year of work, from writing to art to layout, I’m really proud to release my new book. Thank you to everyone that has worked with me, supported me, or allowed me the honor of designing for you.

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and elsewhere

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On Design provides insights into the fundamentals of any graphic design career. From essential principles, such as color theory and designing efficiently, to bolder challenges, such as dealing with bad clients and working courageously, author and designer Justin Negard touches upon vital topics for every designer to consider. At the heart of his message is for all designers to be deliberate and bold, to not allow themselves to ever be disrespected or unfulfilled, and to always be pushing towards doing great work before anything else.

Justin Negard is an internationally awarded Creative Director, Designer, and Photographer, working predominantly through Future Boy Design. His work for clients has been seen in places like Bloomberg TV to South by Southwest to the National Parks Service, among others. Additionally Justin Negard is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and the Art Directors Club (ADC Global). He previously published BOGOTÁ, a design and photography book on the Colombian capital city, which was recognized by several art and design organizations.