The Forms of Nature


By |April 26th, 2019|

American Gold Cup

Admittedly, I would see horse riding and think, "So what? Was it that hard? Doesn't the horse just do most of the work?" Yes, I knew that was idiotic. I knew I was wrong. Like any great sport, achieving excellence is immeasurably hard. But to see it for myself in person really hit home how [...]

By |October 1st, 2018|

Wedding Night, September 2018

It's always a fun and beautiful time working with the great team at Le Grand Entertainment. And I am proud of the logo, branding, and website design I did for them. From graphics, website design, and photos, I covered the whole shebang. These photos were captured in September 2018 for the Le Grand guys to [...]

By |September 19th, 2018|

Colombia 2018

I wouldn't tell you Colombia is always safe, because it's not. Nor would I tell you Colombia is always pretty, because it isn't. The truth is that there are streets far darker and dirtier than any I've ever been down. There are men without homes, women without options, and children without food. This is one [...]

By |September 11th, 2018|

Party in Harrison

I had the pleasure of enjoying a lovely evening with wonderful people in Harrison, New York. For this event, the challenge was to capture beautiful images in dreadfully dark lighting. For me personally, the usage of flash is at times necessary, but should be used sparingly. It is far more dramatic and appealing to counter [...]

By |September 5th, 2018|

Cape May Houses

Located in Southern New Jersey is a town called Cape May. Locally, this town is a well-known summer hot spot, featuring clean and picturesque beaches against a peaceful backdrop of residential homes. Perhaps equally beautiful to the natural landscape of this region are the Victorian houses that line its surrounding streets. [...]

By |October 4th, 2017|

Le Grand Entertainment

Le Grand Entertainment wanted a modern look that was not along the traditional event planning marketing scheme. Through a careful logo design, branding campaign, and website design, the energy of a Le Grand event was captured well. This mindset was taken one step further on the website when video was incorporated into the website [...]

By |September 9th, 2017|

Bogota, Colombia: 2017

Another season in Colombia has come and gone, with more adventures and photos to display. This year focused again on architecture, as a great deal of exploration taking place throughout the streets of Bogota, in the historic center of La Candelaria to the old pueblos of places like Guatavita and La Calera. Previous years [...]

By |September 8th, 2017|

Entertainment Technologies

Entertainment Technologies doesn't just sell audio and video equipment. They are audiophiles in the truest sense. For them, it's not just equipment for the home but works of art. So it was important that we convey the creative energy and passion that flows through the ET headquarters. Beautiful imagery was vital, and with so many [...]

By |September 7th, 2017|

Suburban Floors

Suburban Floors required a dynamic new website that was responsive, mobile friendly, and added excitement to a two-dimensional world. The challenge was to convey the passion that Suburban Floors brings to their work onto a website for any user to see. Additionally, it was very important to show off the enormous selection of materials, textures, and colors [...]

By |September 7th, 2017|