Colombia 2018

I wouldn't tell you Colombia is always safe, because it's not. Nor would I tell you Colombia is always pretty, because it isn't. The truth is that there are streets far darker and dirtier than any I've ever been down. There are men without homes, women without options, and children without food. This is one [...]

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2016: Year in Review

It was a very good year for Future Boy Design. With pride and satisfaction, let's look back on 2016. On Design This was a big one. After working so very hard on my second book, and first non-photography book, On Design was released in the summer. The book took months to write, months to edit, [...]

By |January 8th, 2017|

An Empty Desk

I took so many things for granted. I would look at him as he worked at his desk, his laptop open and all his peculiarities on display. His gestures, mannerisms; his subtle laugh as he browsed through his daily online jokes and political opinions. Those throat-clearing coughs echoing in the background of our apartment like kitchen wallpaper. "Wanna [...]

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